This work has characteristics well differentiated from those presented in the market in general.

The recruitment of human talents takes place through the execution of well-defined Recruitment and Selection processes of professionals specialized in the areas of Information Technology and Administration.

Strongly grounded in a network of relationships that stimulates the integration between the company and the professionals, the model adopted by TO Brasil prioritizes the Client in the highest degree of satisfaction, regarding the fulfillment of their demands. Our internal cells provide the infrastructure and the necessary differential for the high performance of the service:

– Administrative and Financial Management: Administrative and financial services, such as: registration, declarations, badges, invoicing to the contractor and payment;
– Relationship Management: Technical and behavioral assessment of professionals;
– Legal Management: Legal Consulting for Clients and Professionals;
– Business Management: Follow up of activities with the Client;
– Training and Development: Qualification and continuous improvement of our professionals in our Training Center;
– Human Talents: Recruitment and selection of the best talent for new hires and replacement of professionals.