TO Brasil employees, immensely satisfied, report that we have achieved the renewal of CMMI certification level 3. The successful preparation for this title reiteration began in mid-2017 and had the full dedication of the Software Factory Team and the EQPS, responsible for using and ensuring adherence of the practices to the CMMI model guidelines respectively.

The CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), which implements practices for the maturity of different areas of technology, broke the record of assessments in 2016 worldwide – 19% growth over the previous year In Brazil, however, due to the severe economic crisis, there was a decrease in the number of evaluations, according to Crest Consulting, the company responsible for CMMI evaluations in Brazil.

In a courageous decision against the country’s negative indicators, TO Brasil invested in the renewal of CMMI certification level 3 with the firm intention of not giving up delivering superior quality to our factory customers.

According to a census promoted in 2016, only 3% of the companies in the country had CMMI in levels 2 and 3. Such research guarantees TO Brazil, besides the presence in a select group of companies certified with such a level of excellence, the pioneering in 2018 with this achievement – official data from the CMMI Institute.

To all those involved, once again, our gratitude for the dedication and result of this important achievement that ensures our company stands out and ratifies TO Brasil’s commitment to our clients by offering mature and efficient processes of our software factory.

Success and upcoming achievements!

* Research conducted by the Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies (Assespro Nacional).